Development MicroRed

1Industrial Hibrid1

Exulans’ device, the Industrial Hybrid, is capable of managing energy based on factors such as demand, stability, cost, and carbon footprint. The Industrial Hybrid is able to achieve this due to proprietary technology that is capable of managing the acquisition, storage, and distribution of energy no matter how unstable or unreliable the source (e.g., electric, solar, wind, etc.). It can seamlessly integrate improvements in evolving battery technology, manage the immense variability of renewable sources of energy, and customize the output to any number of domestic, commercial, military, emergency, or other needs.The Industrial Hybrid is approximately 5 to 50 KW per system, which would suit larger needs.
This innovative technology as your business grows – it will most certainly differentiate you from all other solar providers.

Onda Sistema Hibrido


2 respuestas a “Development MicroRed

  1. Desarrollo Sostenible, perfecto para países en vías de desarrollo, integración de energías renovables para una nueva red eléctrica fuera de la red, para zonas rurales sin electrificar.

    Me gusta


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