RISE: Sustainable Energy Policies Worldwide

RISE is the first global policy scorecard of its kind, grading 111 countries in three areas: energy access, energy efficiency and renewable energy. The report is aimed at helping governments assess if they have a policy and regulatory framework in place to drive progress on sustainable energy and pinpoints where more can be done to … More RISE: Sustainable Energy Policies Worldwide

Remote/Island Renewable Microgrid Development

Remote and island communities and customers have always provided a strong business case for the development of hybrid renewable microgrids. These communities have traditionally relied almost entirely on diesel-fired generation which is costly and presents supply chain and environmental risk. This is changing as increasing adoption of significant renewables on to these systems with appropriate … More Remote/Island Renewable Microgrid Development

Development MicroRed

Exulans’ device, the Industrial Hybrid, is capable of managing energy based on factors such as demand, stability, cost, and carbon footprint. The Industrial Hybrid is able to achieve this due… Origen: Development MicroRed

Developing the market without electric network

  In Córdoba, Andalusia, we installed our first hybrid system 20kw. This year we have several facilities provided. Provide quality electricity to isolated rural areas, to stop relying on the diesel generator to provide electric power. Quality renewable energy 24 hours http://cordobabuenasnoticias.com/2015/06/14/una-finca-en-los-blazquez-pionera-en-andalucia-al-ser-autosuficiente-energeticamente-mediante-un-sistema-hibrido/